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St. Bonaventure Parish

Guided by God's Hands

The Catholic Family of St. Bonaventure Parish is a sacramental community of faith. We acknowledge that the tenets of the Catholic Faith serve as the belief system which we strive to manifest in our worship and our love. We are convinced that our faith is relevant to all facets of our existence. We seek to incarnate this faith through various activities in our parish and community.

Responding to the call of our unique identity, the Catholic Family of St. Bonaventure Parish asserts:


  • The primary of our call to praise the Lord enthusiastically with liturgy which is creative, energetic, and responsive to the uniqueness of our community.

  • Our commitment to celebrate life, living it fully as a sacramental community.

  • Our desire to provide in all that we do, a Spirit-filled environment which attests to the joy and happiness that life in the Lord makes possible.

  • The importance of a warm, accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere which welcomes all.

  • Our dedication to living our faith in the activities of daily life.

  • Our strong identity as a loving family bonded in the love and service of the Lord.

  • Our responsibility to serve our parish sisters and brothers with programs that reach out to meet their diverse needs.

  • The need to respond to the challenges and special opportunities that our multi-cultural community provides.

  • Our acknowledgment of the Lord's call to plant and nourish the seeds of faith, hope and love through innovative teaching and preaching.

  • Our responsibility to participate actively in community affairs as conscientious citizens.

  • Our call to be leaders in promoting the spirit of ecumenism.

  • Our concern as caretakers of the earthy dwelling place created by God.

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