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Religious Education Online

Program Guidelines

Student Login

Student login accounts were included inside the book when you came to pick-up. If you misplaced your student account, please contact us.

Please note student accounts do not have and do not allow an email address to be linked to them. Only parent accounts have an email on them.


Parent Login

Parent login accounts were sent via email on October 9-12. Check your inbox for a message from "Sadlier." Your login is the username portion of your email on record with us. If you misplaced your student account, please contact us.

In general, you won't need to use the Parent Account, unless you have multiple children in the program and want to see the progress for all children in one place.

Account/Profile Changes

Pplease do not change your email. You are able to change your email (parents), student username and password. You can do this on your own from your Account Profile. We strongly recommend changing the default password.

Assignments and Tests

Assignments are normally done on a weekly basis. Depending on the lesson, the student will have one or a handful of assignments to complete on a given week. While we encourage families to follow the weekly assignment schedule, it is OK if a student gets delayed on a given week due to other circumstances. Each major unit in the program has a Unit Test, which will also be assigned on the corresponding week.

Parents/Family Participation

Religious Education is a family affair. This year in particular we are asking that parents be involved in their children's Religious Education and become the "at home teacher" to help your children's faith formation. We strongly recommend parents do the lessons, assignments and tests together with their child, especially in the lower grades (K-5th). 

Sacrament Dates (First Communion and Confirmation)

We are planning for in-person celebration of the sacraments in the Spring, both for First Communion and Confirmation. At this time we cannot provide dates or firm plans. We hope to be able to do so in early 2021.

Contacting Your Teacher

Kim: kmatthai@stbonaventurechurch.com 

Sara: splata@stbonaventurechurch.com 

Sue: smccrea@stbonaventurechurch.com 

Contacting Director of Religious Education

Email: re@stbonaventurechurch.com

Telephone: 954-476-5204

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