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1) Student creates a wish list / shopping list on paper.

2) For parents purchasing in-person at the Book Fair, bring the wish list and buy on-site. Make an appointment here: 

3) For parents unable to come to the Book Fair, create an E-Wallet with the amount of money authorized for student, and have student bring wish list to school.


Students are unable to shop at the Book Fair in-person, so the teacher will deliver the Wish List to the Book Fair Staff and they will validate with the e-wallet amount. Books will be delivered same-day, or no later than Friday, October 30.

4) For students at home/virtual school, create E-Wallet and submit Wish List via email to bookfair@stbonaventurechurch.com. Parents can pick up books on Friday, October 30 at the Halloween Parade (or earlier if needed).

Note: in order for SBS to get the most rewards, all purchasing should be done at the Book Fair on-site this week, either by the parent or with the e-wallet. Online purchases also count, but the rewards are not as high.